Our Mission

Ready2Day is committed to providing our clients with the resources, skills and knowledge needed to provide a safer and more secure physical environment for patients, staff and visitors, in the event of an emergency situation and/or life safety incident.

About Ready2Day

Located in the historic and scenic Hudson Valley region of New York State, Ready2Day is a client-focused team of experienced professionals, who understand the challenges facing the healthcare industry and the need for a safety/preparedness culture that helps protect patients, staff, visitors, and the community at large. Unlike other companies, our comprehensive safety and preparedness services are both proactive and practical, one that encourages active staff participation and open communications throughout all levels of the organization in order to maintain a Ready2Day and every day state of compliance.

Frank P. Mineo

Frank P. Mineo

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Our Services

Ready2Day provides practical best practice solutions to help ensure a “Ready Every Day” approach to healthcare safety and emergency preparedness.

Our team will provide a program that is specific to your organization and its needs. Included is a risk/gap analysis that will identify and shape your organizational program, development of policies, procedures and plans in plain everyday language that staff can actually use, training and education designed to help ensure staff and leadership can integrate the new program into daily activities; and validation of the program via exercises, drills, and readiness assessment (mock) surveys.

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Risk/Gap Analysis

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s current level of readiness and preparedness; helping to identify what works well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Compliance Assessment

Determines if organization is meeting applicable accreditation and CMS Conditions of Participation.

Staff Development

Specific training modalities that fit within the busy schedules of your staff and leaders, that help ensure that your new program can be effectively implemented throughout all levels of the organization.

Ready2Day Program

This “individualized” program provides your organization with a clear route to ensuring a culture of every day readiness. We can also provide the organization with the policies/procedures/tools needed to ensure full compliance with all standards and requirements.


Focused readiness assessments (drills, exercises, mock surveys) to assist your organization in preparing for a regulatory compliance visit from accreditation and/or other regulatory entity. Our “mocks” are designed to support your existing organization’s continual readiness program.

Disaster Plan

With our Help, You can be Ready 2 Day and every day.

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Provide a comprehensive risk and gap analysis of your Environment of Care/Life Safety Program. Our program consists of regularly scheduled, on-site visits that include a review of your organization’s management plans, annual assessments, performance indicators, risk assessment process, safety hazard rounds, committee minutes and activities, drills and exercises, systems testing, and construction related interim life safety and infection control processes and activities. We can also assist in developing the necessary policies, plans and documents required to achieve compliance with standards.

We offer comprehensive and focused Mock Surveys to assist your organization in preparing for a regulatory compliance visit from the Joint Commission and/or other regulatory entity. Our experts will review your programs and processes, and help identify potential opportunities for improvement.

Build a Comprehensive Emergency Management Program centered utilizing the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Provide the leadership, tools and solutions necessary to meet all elements of performance required by CMS Conditions of Participation and other regulatory/accreditation entities.


Examples include:

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Program
  • All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan
  • Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
  • Healthcare Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)
  • Event Specific Annex (such as Evacuation Plans)
  • Emergency Notification/Communications Plan
  • Staff/Facility Sheltering-in-Place Plan
  • 96 hour Sustainability Plan
  • Safety and Emergency Management Committee Development and Performance Monitoring
  • Hazardous Surveillance/Safety Rounding Program
  • Fire Response and Systems Assessment Program
  • Hazardous Materials Management and Response
  • Infant and Child Security Program
  • Employee Incident Response Team
  • Active Shooter Response Training

From start to finish, our team will design, execute and evaluate your organization’s policies, plans and procedures, facilities, equipment, and staff knowledge and skills; to ensure that the organization can effectively implement its emergency operations plan and procedures. Our program will focus on effective communications, ensuring adequate resources/assets and a stable infrastructure, maintaining a safe and secure environment, and helping staff fully understand their roles and responsibilities as they relate to patient care activities. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and progressive federally compliant exercise program, one where each exercise or drill builds upon the lesions learned from others until your entire plan has been assessed and validated as effective.

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